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What Do You Need to Make Buttons?

What Do You Need to Make Buttons

The first step is to decide what kind of buttons you want to make. For round buttons, scissors will do. But if you want a square, rectangle, or polygon button, you should use a punch or guillotine. If you want buttons with varying sizes, paper templates can help you cut them the same size. Plastic buttons should be twice their diameter. Once you’ve chosen the shape, cut it out.

Die press

Die press

A die press for making buttons can be an investment worth considering if you want to create custom buttons. It can produce a perfect circle from regular-weight fabric and fit buttons up to size 45. The die set is sold separately and will enable you to cut fabric disks up to one-and-a-half inches in diameter. The buttons produced by the die will be the correct size for the fabric and button combination that you’re working with.


If you want to create your own custom buttons for your business, you need a Template for making buttons. A template gives you a clear picture of the space that you will need to design your buttons. Each button template has an anatomy similar to that of a standard design. The inner line of the template represents the face of the button. Any artwork or text that extends beyond this line will be cut off and will not go to print.


To make buttons, you can purchase a machine that creates a circular image. The image must be at least 58mm in diameter. Then, you can simply press down on the back of the machine, wrapping the plastic around the button. You can use the same machine to make other buttons, too. There is no need to purchase expensive software to make buttons. Some button machines have lifetime warranties. However, some brands do not offer this guarantee, browse around this website.


If you want to create beautiful button covers, you can use fabric to make them. Buttons made of fabric have a lot of potential. You can use fabric to create a cap or even cover an entire button. Buttons made of fabric look great on any garment or project.

Ink jet prints

If you want to make your own buttons, you can use ink jet printer. Ink jet printers have high resolutions, but you will need to choose a suitable paper for printing. Graphic papers will work best, and they prevent ink from spreading out. Photo or presentation paper will not work well for button making. Ink-jet printers may seem inexpensive at first, but the ink and paper cost can quickly add up. In addition, they’re slower than laser printers. That means that the time spent on button making is money that you’ll have to spend repairing or replacing damaged buttons.


Whether you’re making a button for your favorite outfit or a simple button for a home decor item, there are many ways to use polymer clay. Buttons are popular decorative items, but they also serve a practical purpose, too. Unlike traditional buttons, polymer clay buttons can be sewed on and can be used for many purposes. Here are some tips to make your own buttons. You’ll be surprised by the variety of design options available!

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