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Why Do You Need Commercial Towing Licenses?

A successful business plan for towing

If you’ve decided to start a towing business, you’ll need a few things. For example, you need to find clients and obtain insurance. Your business plan will help you establish these items. You’ll also need to acquire licenses and insurance policies. Consent tow is one of these items. This type of towing requires the consent of the owner of the vehicle being towed. Here are some tips to get started.

A successful business plan for towing

In order to run a successful Santa Clara towing business, you’ll need a comprehensive business plan. It will list all the startup costs, including equipment, towing license, and insurance. Then, determine the location of your towing operation, how to market the company, and how to attract customers. Besides creating an effective business plan, you’ll also need to determine your financial budget and calculate your revenue return. As an entrepreneur, you’ll want to take advantage of all the resources available to you.


Tow truck operators purchase insurance to cover unexpected expenses. These policies can cover a wide variety of scenarios, including accidents and damage to property. Towing companies should understand how insurance works before they purchase their policy, and how to reduce their premiums. Learn about the types of coverage available and what you can expect. Here are a few tips for reducing your premiums. Insurance is an important part of doing business and should be included in your startup budget.


For a towing business to be legally profitable, operators must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Not all states require a CDL for towing over 26,001 pounds, but some do. Generally, you must pass a written exam and pass a test of driving ability before you can work in this profession. You must also be 18 years old. There are some other requirements that tow truck operators must meet.

Consent tow

A consent tow is a type of commercial towing where the vehicle owner has authorized the tow. For example, in a restaurant parking lot, apartment complex parking lot, or paid parking facility, a consent tow is not a violation of the law. Generally, a tow truck must have a consent tow permit to perform such a tow, and this permit is only valid for that type of tow. A consent tow is also required when a vehicle is summoned by the owner, operator, or person in possession of the vehicle.


If you plan to operate a towing business, you will need to acquire a Class A commercial towing license. This type of license is required for commercial vehicles such as buses and dump trucks. In addition, drivers of heavy-duty service trucks with more than four cars require this license. Most tow trucks fall under this category. A Class B commercial towing license will allow you to operate vehicles with up to sixteen passenger seats, and a Class C license will allow you to operate a vehicle with hazardous materials.

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