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LED Lights: Why is My Light Flickering?

LED Lights: Why is My Light Flickering

LED lights are flickering due to the voltage and frequency of light being varied, which can be because of an engineering issue or because there are issues with the power grid. The voltage and frequency of LED light typically depend on the electrical installation. The fluctuation of light can cause a strobe effect to occur, which is when the intensity of light changes rapidly. The eye’s ability to understand these fluctuations and translate them into something meaningful can be impaired if there are other factors present such as distractions or alcohol.

What are LED lights?

What are LED lights

LED light is a type of electrical appliance that changes light as electric current and electricity powers it. Light emitting diode is an electronic device that emits light because it has a particular semiconductor material which produces electrons when an electric current flows through it. The electrons flow from their original position to places where they can get the least amount of resistance. This process causes the electrons to lose energy as either heat or light.

What is flicker?

Flicker is the effect created when the frequency of light changes rapidly. When this happens, a strobe-like effect can occur, where the frequency of light from your LED lights will change rapidly enough that it causes your eyes to experience a visual sensation. Do you know about why do led light flicker? This can cause you to see multiple flashes of light in a visual scene.

What are the causes of flickering?

What are the causes of flickering

LED lights can flicker because of several factors, depending on the type of installation. A flickering light fixture may be caused by an electrical issue, such as a loose wire or a defective circuit breaker. Other causes can be found in the power grid itself, for example surge and brownouts can cause voltage and frequency variation in LED lights. If the level of voltage or frequency changes too quickly, the flickering may be so fast that it appears to be a steady light.

The effects of flickering on our health:

LED lights which flicker can cause several issues for humans. The issue depends on where you’re standing regarding the LED lights. For example, if an individual is facing LED lights directly, the flicker may be so rapid that it causes a strobe effect. As mentioned above, this can cause issues with vision and as a result there have been reports of headaches from using flickering LED light for long periods of time.

How can you fix this problem?

To fix the problem, reduce the voltage and frequency of light that’s flickering, or replace your LED lights if it persists. You can also ask an electrician to check your electrical installation. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact a professional to help resolve the issue.

Your local electrician is a handy person to have around no matter what aspect of electrical work you need, from wiring your house and installing new lighting to troubleshooting power issues and general electrical maintenance, they’ll be a valuable resource for you.


If your LED light is flickering, there are a few things you can check to make sure it’s not an issue with the wiring or plug. Check around the power supply and ensure that everything is plugged in correctly. Make sure all the wires are connected tightly enough and don’t have any loose ends sticking out anywhere. You should also check for anything that could be blocking airflow, like furniture or other objects near the fixture where you’re trying to install your new light bulb. Finally, if none of these steps work, then call an electrician.

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