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How to Fix The Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

To keep your home cold & free from heat during the summer, all of you guys may use various electronic machines and devices. In that same case, you may be using an air conditioner or AC like the very reliable item to keep the internal environment of your home cool. But at the same time, you should think about the list of issues your AC can have. Because of those issues, your AC would not work according to its cooling capacity. What you would like on a burning summer daytime is an air conditioner that is not cooling. There can be a number of reasons behind AC, not a cooling problem. The following paragraphs of this same article can assist you to check out some possible ways to fix that specific problem of your AC.

Whenever your AC will not work according to its potentials, you may face a lot of issues, especially you would not be able to get the cool and fresh air in the summer. Hiring a professional AC repairer can become the best alternative but keep in mind that such repairing services can cost you much. Most of the issues with your AC could be there due to inadequate maintenance of AC. It means that you all need an annual maintenance plan for your heating and cooling systems so that you can enjoy the desired benefits out of them.

How to Fix The Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Common problems because of which AC is not cooling

After becoming familiar with some basic part of having AC and some issues now, you would be looking to check which kinds of issues you can face when any part of the AC system is damaged. Cooling will not be faster and you would get heated air more, this is the main problem that you all will face surely.  Let’s check out some regular issues because of which you AC is not cooling along with their possible solutions.

Problem: Difference between indoor and outdoor temperature

Solution: During the installation procedure of AC, one should always pay their attention to idealize that the AC should be sized according to your home. In most of the similar cases, this common mistake can make you get heating air. An average AC system should maintain a 20-25 degree difference of temperature between your indoor and outdoor environment.

Problem: A dirty or blocked air condenser

Solution: When you turn on your AC after setting thermostat correctly, then if AC is still not cooling then it can be due to the dirty or blocked air condenser. It is essential for you to keep such things clean. You can also check the outer unit and clean around moreover get rid of any wreckage or weeds that are jamming or blocking the air circulation.

Air Conditioner

Problem: Filters are not cleaned properly  

Solution: When the filter is dirty it will surely restrict air to be cooled.  Most of the homeowners can face AC is not cooling like issue due to the unhygienic filters. In this case, you should change the filters if they are damaged otherwise you can simply clean the filters if they are not damaged. To check why AC is not cooling you can also pull your filter out and check if you can see from side to side it.

Problem: When the compressor is overheated

Solution: Sometimes, increased temperature and pressure inside your AC due to a lot of reasons can help it to overheat its compressor. Problems like Dirty condenser coils, clogged refrigerant lines, and little refrigerant, improper lubricant and Electricity problems can become the possible reasons because of which the compressor of AC gets overheated.  By using the correct screwdriver, one can easily open the cover of compressor and can also change it without the help of professionals.

Problem: Refrigerant is damaged

Solution: Most of the times, the age of your AC systems can become the primary root due to which the refrigerant of your AC gets damaged.  If it is damaged then it can become AC refrigerant leak like an issue. You can simply call a professional here to get rid of this major problem.

These are some of the major problems with the AC systems because of which they are not cooling according to their capacity.  The mentioned solutions may work if you will follow them carefully without committing mistakes.

You always need a professional repairer

As you have collected info about various issues of AC due to which it is not cooling now, you should look for a professional repairer. At some times, you can fix the issues with AC on your own but mostly you cannot handle those issues. A lot of DIY methods are available but the possibility of getting damaged and losing some cash is always liable for you.

So, take your time more and more and then decide whether you want to hire a professional repairer or you can do it yourself.

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