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How to Fix Auto Reverse on Garage Door?

How to Fix Auto Reverse on Garage Door

Garage doors are massive in size and weight, and you may get hurt yourself when you are opening or closing the garage door.

There is a solution to such a problem to install a garage door auto-reverse function. This system works on a motor base system, and it opens the garage door when any object is making hurdle in its way.

But it is also essential to check your auto-reverse system functionality. If it is not correctly working, you may get hurt with the garage door.

When you faced any problem with the auto-reverse on garage door fix it immediately to keep you secure from any accident.

Is the auto-reverse system available with all garage doors?

Is the auto-reverse system available with all garage doors

Hero Garage Door has that system, but it is not definite that all the doors have an auto-reverse function. But we can install the auto-reverse system on any of the garage doors.

How can we fix auto-reverse on the garage door?

When you see your auto-reverse on the garage door is not working correctly, then follow the below steps and fix the issue with the auto-reverse system.

Is it risky if the auto-reverse function not works appropriately?

There is a significant risk for not only you but also for your vehicle, pets and your family members. It can hurt them if the auto-reverse function is not working correctly.

What are the steps to fix auto-reverse on garage door?

What are the steps to fix auto-reverse on garage door

• When you are fixing the auto-reverse, first of all, locate the garage door opener control. With the use of stepladder, you can reach to the main of the garage door opener’s motor.
• When you get access to the garage door opener motor, make adjustments in settings.
• In the next step, take a screwdriver and turn the knob in a counterclockwise but not more than one quarter. It will help you to decrease the required force for the auto-reverse work.
• But if you need to increase the size, then with the help of a screwdriver, turn the knob in a clockwise direction. You can repeat it in both directions to get the required level of force.
• When you have made adjustments, remove all the hurdles in the path of the door and close it. After closing the door, check the door, if there is a gap between the door and floor or any other issue, and then fix the issue only with the garage by repeating the same function.
• You have tried again and again, but you cannot get the proper adjustments than it means there is more problem and you need professional services for fixing the auto-reverse on the garage door.

Final Thoughts:

It is very risky if your garage door auto-reverses function not working properly. Get it to fix immediately to keep you and your children protected from the accidents.

Try yourself by making adjustments in opener settings, but if you cannot do so, then get professional services to solve the problem quickly.

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