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How much is an Industrial Size 3D Printer?

How much is an Industrial Size 3D Printer

If you are in the market for a 3D printer but you are not sure what to buy, then read this article to get some information about the price and specifications of industrial 3D printers. This will help you make an informed decision. There are various types of industrial 3D printers and each has different specifications and prices. In this article, you will learn about the main differences between industrial and enthusiast 3D printers.

Cost of Industrial Size 3D Printers

Cost of Industrial Size 3D Printers

The cost of industrial size 3D printers varies widely depending on the type of model and the material used. Many industrial 3D printers use advanced technologies to produce durable products. Consumer 3D printers use simpler materials and less expensive models. Industrial printers are designed specifically for industrial use. They cost more than consumer 3D printers, but they can create higher-quality models in a shorter time.

The cost of an industrial-size 3D printer is high, and the materials used to build it are similar to the cost of gas for a car. Filaments range from $20 per kilogram to $60 per kilogram, with more expensive materials costing as much as $120 per kilogram. SLA resins cost between $150 and $400 per liter, while SLS powder can be as high as $200 per kilogram. Industrial-sized 3D printers can be quite expensive, but they are worth every penny. Pick3DPrinter is the best 3D printing provider.


The build area is one of the most important specs to look for in an industrial size 3D printer. The build area is the size of the object that can be printed and is typically measured in XYZ dimensions. For smaller build areas, the object can be divided into parts and combined after the printing process is complete. For example, a 5 x 5-inch build area would be equal to about 13 x 13 cm, which is about 0.5 inches larger than the standard build area.

The Me2 is a great choice for small projects. It’s a performance 3D printer that incorporates many features found in larger industrial 3D printers. Read on to find out more about its specifications. After all, your printer will make the objects you need. But first, learn what you’ll be using it for. You can also use the Me2 in the home, office, or classroom.



Industrial 3D printers are not cheap, but they are well worth the money. The building volume is large for a professional 3D printer, but it’s not so large for an industrial printer. If you’re considering purchasing an industrial 3D printer, you’ll want to pay attention to the specs. For example, a mid-range printer will have twice as much build volume and a higher resolution. Moreover, it will probably print faster. These machines are for professionals, not hobbyists.


The price of an industrial 3D printer depends on its features and capabilities. Industrial printers have high-grade parts and can produce intricate designs in a short time. They are available with the widest variety of materials. These printers use precision hardware and sensors to ensure print consistency. Generally, the price range of an industrial 3D printer is between $15,000 and $150,000 USD. It is important to estimate how much parts will cost.

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