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How do i Remove my Commercial Door Knob?

How do i Remove my Commercial Door Knob

Commercial doors are widely used worldwide in commercial places. They are commonly used at places such as in hotels, hospitals, schools, and universities.

Sometimes repairing services also need to resolve the issues of commercial door locks. People think that these commercial doors are complex to handle, so they hire locksmith services.

But you will wonder to know that you can also do simple repairing tasks for your commercial door locks because most of the problems of commercial door locks are minor such as the removal of a commercial doorknob.

How do i remove my commercial door knob?

How do i remove my commercial door knob

You may see many of the methods available to remove the commercial door lock knob but never find such simple ways that we mentioned below.

First Method:

The first method is quite simple and compatible with commercial door locks that have invisible screws. It will take not more than twenty minutes. You will need a screwdriver and plier for this method.

• First of all, locate the lock’s slot; you will find this slot with the lock’s latch. It is the main part the holds the knob of the door lock. This slot can be inside the knob; it will be a small but rectangular shaped hole. You can find it by turning the knob all around.
• Now take a screwdriver and push the release button that you will find inside the knob. The Interior knob of the lock will separate from the lock.
• Now you shall need to remove a rose plate with the help of a small flat head screwdriver. There you will find a small slot that holds the rose plate.
• Once you have removed the outer rose plate, remove the interior rose plate; it would be helpful to use a Philips-head screwdriver for that task.
• Now unscrew the faceplate; you will also be able to remove the latch. Remove the exterior knob of the lock.
Second Method:
This method is for the locks with visible screws and does not require much time to complete; you will also do not need a flat-head screwdriver for this method. It will not take more than ten minutes.
• Locate the visible screws on the lock’s rose plate; you will find these screws exposed on the interior knob that use for the locking of the door lock.
• Visible screws will make your job quite simple; you need a Philips head screwdriver to unscrew the lock’s visible screws.
• When you unscrew the visible screws with a Philips-screwdriver, it will make you able to remove the exterior and interior knobs of the commercial door locks.
• When you have removed the knobs, now start unscrewing the faceplate of the commercial door lock; when you unscrew the faceplate, you will also remove the door lock latch.

Final Thoughts:

Commercial Door Knob

Commercial door knob removal is quite a simple task that you can do yourself. You should identify the kind of doorknob, visible or invisible screws and, then go with the respective method for commercial door knob removal.

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