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Customized Furniture Pieces Built to Your Specifications

Customized Furniture Pieces Built to Your Specifications

How I Finally Organized Our Homeschool Materials in a Special-built Bookcase

Are you unhappy with your furniture purchases? Do the high-priced bookshelves end up being cheap particle board? Does it take days to put the new piece of furniture together and you still have no clue as to whether it is put together correctly or not? I have found a solution to being disappointed in new furniture. Hiring a contractor to make a piece of furniture for me out of solid wood that I knew would last for years. Not only is it durable, it is also exactly to my specifications.

I had needed a place for homeschool materials in a central location of our home. Somewhere we all knew these items would be and have a space designated for pencils, crayons, paper, workbooks, school books, notebooks, maps, piano booklets, music sheets, abacus, erasers, colored pencils, counting beads, story books, pens, tests, calendars, good student and good work stickers, incentives for working hard, and more. As you can see, I needed a rather tall bookshelf with spaces for each item to be located. I wanted it more functional than beautiful. It ended up being both functional and beautiful in the end.

How I Finally Organized Our Homeschool Materials in a Special-built Bookcase

The time I spent drawing the concept of what we needed was well spent. Within a month, the contractor had the shelf built to my specifications and it was perfect! Even better than I imagined. Our ceilings are very high so the bookshelf is over nine feet tall. The very top of it has a locking cabinet so I can lock away any items that have to be kept away from my child unless she is supervised. This ended up being a medicine cabinet where all of the medicines and potions live. Then I have three shelving units where school books and other books go. Below this are quite a few cubby holes big enough to fit pencil boxes. The cubby holes house all the little stuff that we were constantly searching the house for. I added baskets to some cubby holes for the smaller items like erasers. Underneath are two more shelves where dictionaries and encyclopedias go, in reach of shorter children.

I am thrilled with the bookcase and so glad that I designed it the way I did. We will get many years of homeschool use out of it. Now I feel much more organized and don’t waste time seeking out materials that were placed in different locations all around our home. My next mission will be a shelving unit to organize toys and games which currently live on top of another enclosed unit that is stuffed with books!

The cost for having the contractor build a special unit for me was about double what I would have normally paid for a bookcase in a store, but those bookcases rarely last for long. Cheap particle board breaks down quickly and falls apart or starts leaning! This special-made bookcase will last for years since it is made from hard wood and built with care by a professional. (He also builds small homes too so I knew he had experience with building.)

The only mistake made, which I have learned from, is not asking for paint. I let him talk me into a “beautiful” natural wood look which I didn’t care for. So our next special-made item will be painted to my specifications. I love color and should have known better!

So if you are unhappy with buying cheap furniture from stores, consider having a furniture piece special built for you to your specifications. You can model the furniture how you want it to be, not what is stocked in the store! Think how you could organize if only you had a furniture piece built exactly as you request. Imagine the possibilities! Draw up a plan and ask how much the cost would be. You will be thrilled with the quality of your new furniture when it is special-built just for you.

Oh and one of the best things about it…it will be delivered and set-up where you want it to go. No borrowing a pick-up truck to move it and no struggling to put furniture together yourself. When considering if the price is too high, think about this: it will be made from real wood, not particle board. This furniture will be passed on to the next generation, not rotting away!

To me, it was a win/win situation. I got exactly what I wanted and a good quality shelving unit for storage and organization.

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